Broncs want to be better each week

By Ray Conner
Sports Editor

The Kern Valley boys track team will soon be back to running jumping and throwing.

The season for the Broncs starts today as they will have their only home meet of the year.

Head coach Brian Christianson in his eighth year guiding the squad will be assisted by Jimmy Thompson, who will take on the duties of coaching the throwers.

This season the Broncs currently have 22 athletes on the team. There are nine freshmen who will compete for Kern Valley this season. They have four juniors and four sophomores to go along with five seniors.

The seniors are Tyler Cazares, Ranjot Dhillon, Zach Green, Aaron Grimsby, and Jason Phillips. Juniors include Ty Deaver, John Erdei, Logan Lytle, and Tahoe Taylor. The sophomores are Zach Goss, Brett Grimsby, Michael McBride, and Zach Rock. Filling out the squad are freshmen, Noah Alexander, James Davis, Tristen Kuiper, Richard Lambert, Kaden Preston, Dakota Smith, Isaac Steers, Diego Tapia, and Tristan Parker.

There are nine athletes coming back to the Broncs this year. They are Cazares, Erdei, Green, A. Grimsby, B. Grimsby, Lylte, McBride, Phillips, and Taylor.
Christianson’s goal as a coach for this season is to keep his athletes motivated and to see them improving along the way. He said, “My goal is to motivate the athletes into improving each and every week.”

His goal for the athletes is to make them reach personal achievements in their events thus helping each perform to an outstanding level.

He said, “I want my players to achieve personal records in their individual events by the end of the season.”

Hunter Ellis was a key loss from the team. Ellis reached the CIF Central Section Championships. Tevor Morta was another member of last year’s team that will have to be filled.

Christianson is excited to see so many new athletes, including the freshmen coming out for track. He knows that for the next four years there is a possibility of them coming back each year.

He said, “I am excited about all of the new athletes that are out for track and field this year. I am especially looking forward to having all of the freshmen for four years.”

In the non-league portion of the track schedule, Christianson is looking to see his athletes perform at their highest level possible. Both in the dual meets and the invitationals where they get the chance to be able to compete in the big meets at the end of the year.

He said, “This year we will be looking at the dual meets as a time when we can improve personally in events, and the invitationals we will be looking to qualify for the All-Sierra Invitational and the CIF Central Section Division 2 Championships.”

In the High Desert League it looks like Cal City will be the team to beat. According to Christianson, Cal City will have lots of speed and depth. Bishop will also be strong in distances and throwing events. Rosamond will be good overall, but not as deep as Cal City.

He sees the strength of his team in the progress of the throwers and jumpers.

He said, “I am encouraged so far by our throwers and jumpers.

The area he sees that might need a little help is the distance running. He said, “We need more distance runners and just overall depth.”

In closing Christianson said, “The athletes that we have are going to keep improving and push themselves to the next level.”

It looks like the Broncs track squad will have a lot of success this season. Just by the fact that they want to improve and the coaches are bending them in that direction.