Broncs take down the Falcons

By Clayton Huckaby
Kern Valley Sun

The Broncs crushed the Frazier Mountain Falcons on Friday, May 5, at the Falcon’s field.

The Broncs came out strong against their opponents. They never gave Frazier Mountain a chance to get ahead. In fact, the Broncs did not give Frazier Mountain a chance to make a score. From the gate, the Broncs took the lead by scoring six points in the first inning. In the second inning, they once again made strong plays against the opposing side and scored five points. They ended their scoring streak in the third inning with only one point.

The game continued, but neither side made a play against the other. The game ended with a total score of 12-0 in the Broncs favor. The Broncs had a total of ten hits overall and only two errors. Frazier Mountain managed to only get one hit against pitcher Zach Bushling, but they racked up a total of six errors in the game.

The Broncs’ strong showing was marked by an overall batting average of .400. Sophomore Nick Thomas had the best batting average, coming up to bat twice and hitting twice. This was followed by sophomore Tanner Tito with a .750 batting average, coming to bat four times and hitting three.

Bushling had a batting average of .667, coming to bat three times and hitting the ball twice. Senior Donald Beaton followed, coming to bat twice and hitting once. Senior Joe Brassell had a batting average of .333, coming up to bat three times and hitting the ball once. Despite their strong showing, only Bushling managed to hit a double throughout the game.

The Broncs batting game may have been strong, but their pitching and fielding game was even stronger. In the entire game, Frazier Mountain made it to base only once against pitcher Bushling and the defensive team. Bushling faced 17 batters over the course of five innings.

In the game he struck out five players and only had one on base hit against him. Overall, the Broncs have had a strong showing this year and have managed a 9-9 season.

The Broncs played Rosamond yesterday, May 9, but the statistics from the game were not available as of press time. Their next game will take place on Thursday, May 11, at home against California City. It is the last regularly scheduled game of the season.