Broncs fall to Bucs and Minerats

By Grace Harrison
Specical to the Sun

Last Tuesday the Kern Valley High School Broncs competed in another set of summer league basketball games. The Broncs played the Reedley Bucs and the Minerats from Madera during the Liberty High School Basketball Summer League, coming up short by just a handful of points each time.

Both games followed summer league rules in which teams play two 20 minute halves. According to summer league rules, one free throw results in two points.

It the end of the first half, the Bucs had a total of 40 points while the Broncs had 16. The Broncs didn’t see much of an improvement when returning to the court for the second half, finishing with a score of 40, while the Bucs won the game with a score of 60.

Kaden Preston scored the Broncs the most points, finishing with 12 points consisting of two 3-pointers and three 2-pointers. Kieran McCarthy scored five 2-pointers, resulting in a total of 10 points. David Lee added eight points to the mix, combining four 2-pointers to get there. Spencer Hansen gave his team six points, resulting from two 3-pointers. Trey Bushling and Dakota Smith each received two points from one 2-pointer a piece.

Other notable game statistics included six rebounds from Smith and five rebounds from Preston and Bushling each. Meanwhile, McCarthy and Lee each had three rebounds apiece while Hanson had one. Lee contributed four assists while Bushling had two and Preston and McCarthy each had one. Bushing successfully blocked two shots while both McCarthy and Preston blocked one each. Hansen completed three steals while Lee had two. Both Bushing and McCarthy had one steal.

Coach Brian Christianson had this to say about his team’s performance: “This was the second time that we had played Reedley this summer and we just did not bring the energy needed to compete against a team like this. The team that we were supposed to play, Riverdale, had to cancel at the last minute.”

The Broncs faced yet another loss after playing against the Minerats, leaving the court with a final score of 42-34.

Preston combined two 3-pointers and six 2-pointers to give his team a total of 18 points. Lee scored three 2-pointers, resulting in eight points. Both Hansen and Smith contributed six points apiece with Smith’s coming from three 2-pointer shots. Bushling and McCarthy each scored two points, both resulting from successful 2-pointer shots.

McCarthy led the way in terms of rebounds, successfully completing eight. Smith was not far from behind with five rebounds. Hansen had three while Lee had two and Preston had one. McCarthy completed three assists while Lee had two. Preston blocked two of the Minerats’ shots. Leading the way in steals was Lee with four. Hansen, Preston and Smith each had one.

“I thought that we did a good job of playing defense in the second half. Overall, some people really got some needed experience this summer. We definitely saw some areas that we need to improve upon, but also some areas that are going to be our strengths this next season,” said Christianson.

“I really want to thank the South Fork School District for allowing us to have ‘open gym’ in their gym this summer. I also want to thank the Kern Valley Exchange Club for helping out in paying for some of the summer league fees that we had to pay. Finally, thanks to Mr. Meyers and Kern Valley High School for allowing us to take the school van for transportation,” he continued.