Bishop Rice To Visit Kernville

Photo Submitted – Right Reverend David Rice, pictured above, will be visiting the KRV at the end of the month.

St. Sherrian Episcopal Church

The Right Reverend David Rice, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin, will visit St. Sherrian Church in Kernville on March 24, 2019, at 10:30 a.m. Bishop David, as he is known, is well liked by the people of St. Sherrian’s Church and members of Kernville United Methodist Church, who share their building with St. Sherrian’s. Everyone looks forward to his visits as he is uplifting, engaging and just plain fun to be around.

Bishop David was born in North Carolina and received a Master of Divinity degree from Duke University. After serving as a Methodist minister for some years, Bp. David undertook additional training and became an Anglican Priest, ordained in the Church of England in 1997. He was assigned to New Zealand, serving at a church in Christchurch. He rose to the position of Cathedral Dean, serving at St. Paul’s Cathedral in the Diocese of Dunedin. He was then elected as 15th Bishop of Waiapu in the Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia. In addition to Western languages, Bishop David became fluent in Maori while there. He was also instrumental in the rebuilding process after New Zealand’s devastating earthquake, finding a clever Japanese architectural firm which erected what came to be called “the cardboard cathedral,” made from engineered cardboard with suitable coatings, in a matter of months. It served not only the church but also was used as a temporary symphony hall, and for government meetings pending more permanent reconstruction. As you will see from his picture, he was nicknamed the “dishy bishy” in New Zealand.

Bishop David and his family decided to return to the U.S., and we were fortunate enough to call him to be our Bishop. Not only is he an energetic leader, he is also very active with charitable and civic causes, and serves on an international ecumenical dialogue committee. He is also an avid outdoorsman who enjoys fly fishing and bicycling. Two years ago he organized an event, the “Tour Against Trafficking,” to raise funds for victims of human trafficking including funding of shelters and resource clinics. The tour encompassed 780 miles of bicycling in 21 days. His local route included riding from Bakersfield over Greenhorn Summit to Kernville, then a couple of days later to Ridgecrest.

His visit is open to everyone. He will officiate at St. Sherrian’s on March 24th at 10:30 a.m., followed by a reception and potluck. St, Sherrian’s and Kernville United Methodist are located at 251 Big Blue Road, (corner of Big Blue and Siretta) in Kernville.