AYSO Soccer: Week 10 results

U14: KV Spartans vs. Poison Arrows: Poison Arrows win 9-8 (Goals: Poison Arrows: Cristian Martinez-2, Jayden Stevenson-1, Robert Carr-3, Duke DelGaudio-3 KV Spartans: Skyler Devin-6, Colin Clark-2)
Players of the Game: Poison Arrows: Blaze Goyette and Danika D’Amico, KV Spartans: Whole Team

U8: Fireballs vs. Green Dragons: Fireballs win 5-0 (Goals: Fireballs- Gabriel Ross-2, Noah Ross-3)
Players of the Game: Green Dragons- Eli Liske, Fireballs-Gabriel Ross
Jedi vs. Tigers: Jedi win 4-0 (Goals: Dario Jones-1, Logan Danover-1, Siovan Swartley-2)
Player of the Game: Jedi-Dorothy Ballew, Tigers-The whole team
Silver Foxes vs. Mighty Minions: Mighty Minions win 1-0 (Goal: Mighty Minions-David Swan)
Players of the Game: Fireballs- Nicholas Murillo, Silver Foxes- Haylee Anzaldo

U10: Bombers vs. Blue Falcons: Bombers win 3-0 (Goal: Bombers- Aeden Quezada-2, Owinn Liske-1)
Players of the Game: Bombers: Scarlett Buel, Blue Falcons: Jacob Wild
Radioactive vs. Golden Hawks: Radioactive win 3-2 (Goals: Golden Hawks-Kadean Jenkins-1, Jackson Weghorst-1; Radioactive: Jackson Price-3)
Players of the Game: Radioactive-Jackson Price, Golden Hawks -Jackson Weghorst)

U14: Hot Pink Ninja Kittys vs. Eclipse: Hot Pink Ninja Kittys Win 8-4 (Goals: Hot Pink Ninja Kittys: Elli Jeans-2, Kassidy Sietsma-1, Matthew Hake-1, Michael Hake-4; Eclipse- Dylan Holguin-4)
Players of the Game: Hot Pink Ninja Kittys- Kailyn Shiver; Eclipse- Dylan Holguin

This was an awesome and fun season. Thank you to all the coaches who worked with the kids, the referees who officiated the games, our board members for managing the region and season, and to all our parents / guardians who took our kiddos to games and practices. We hope to not only see everyone next year, but that you will all continue to be involved throughout the year. The season may be over, but the region continues to be active year-round.

Good luck to our U19 girls as they continue their season this weekend at the Section tournament this weekend, and good luck to our teams going to the Area U10/12/14 tournament in December.