AYSO Soccer Week 1

AYSO Reg. 294

Raptors vs. Eagles: Eagles win 10-0
Goals: Eagles- Octavio Guarneros-1, Addalyn Speakman-1, Noel Guarneros-5, Liam Gibson-1, Eli Liske-2
Player of the Game:
Eagles – Noel Guarneros
Raptors – Caelan Hallmark
Silver Hawks vs. Tigers:
Tigers win 5-0
Goals: Tigers: Warren Rankin-1, Mackenzie Bechtel-1, Sullivan Hayes-1, Xander Anzaldo-2
Player of the Game:
Tigers: Xander Anzaldo
Silver Hawks: Lilianna Whitehead

Sharks vs. Kick’N Chick’N:
Sharks win 8-0
Sharks: Evan Rios-1, Silas Campbell-3, Wyatt Wilkins-3, Hunter Valdez-1
Players of the Game:
None listed for either team

Yellow Jackets vs. Raptors:
Yellow Jackets win 5-0
Yellow Jackets: Andrew Young-3, Jaxon Chapman-1, Talon Montes-1
Players of the Game:
Yellow Jackets: Andrew Young
Raptors: Grayson Howard

Red Devils vs. Werewolves:
Red Devils win 3-2
Red Devils: Noah Ross-2, Peyton Forbes-1
Werewolves: Ishmael Salter-2
Players of the Game:
Red Devils: Emmalyn Bechtel
Werewolves: Ishmael Salter

Alligators vs. Pumas:
Pumas win 4-2
Alligators: Dario Jones-1, Kirstin Smith-1
Pumas: Siovan Swartley- 3, Dylan Carson-1
Players of the Game:
Alligators: Kirstin Smith
Pumas: Siovan Swartley

Little Limesteins vs. Silver Bullets: Silver Bullets win 8-4
Little Limesteins: Kadean Jenkins-2, Trevor Stanton-1, Ajay Montgomery-1
Silver Bullets: Aspen Hacker-2, Danika D’Amico-2, Matthew Hake-2, Samantha Wyly-2
Players of the Game:
Little Limesteins: Ajay Montgomery
Silver Bullets: Danika D’Amico

Blew By U vs. Anonymous:
Anonymous wins 6-5
Blew By U: Caleb Campbell-1, Lonnie Sartor-1, Michael Hake-3
Anonymous: Jack Montgomery-5, Colin Clark-1
Players of the Game:
Blew By U: Jonah Wenzel, Michael Hake, Venice Butler, Caleb Campbell
Anonymous: Douglas Nelson



Photo Submitted by Amanda Linn, Beverly Linn playing on the 3 year old Little Lightnings team

Photos submitted by Megan Chapman, Jax Chapman, age 6, with the yellow jackets and hes in U8. Coached by Sarah Cole and Paul Armes.


AYSO U3 and U4 teams

Photo submitted by Christene Watson, AYSO U14 team anonymous