AYSO Begins Season: Off to a Great Start

AYSO Region 294

AYSO Region 294 has begun their 2017 season, which marks the 36th year of providing soccer for children of the Kern River Valley. Serving children from age three all the way through age 19, they have provided the opportunity for thousands of Kern River Valley children and second (and in some cases third) generations of valley players the opportunity to play soccer.

AYSO plays their games in Mountain Mesa. Come out and support our young soccer players.
These are the results for the first two weeks of soccer for our U8/U10/U14 Divisions:

• August 26 Results (Week 1)
U8: Mighty Minions vs. Tigers: Mighty Minions Win 3-0 (Goal Scorer unavailable).

Players of the Game: Mighty Minions: Ethan Mauer Tiger: Emmalyn Bechtel
Fireballs vs. Jedi: Fireballs win 7-2 (Goals: Fireballs- Noah Ross-5, Ryder Pappas-1, Gabriell Ross- 1 Jedi: Dario Jones-1, Siovan Swartley-1)
Players of the game: Fireballs- Noah Ross Jedi- BettyJane Coughlin
Green Dragons vs. Silver Foxes: Green Dragons win 4-0 (Goals: Green Dragons- Noel Guarneros-2, Rustle Goulding-1, Own Goal-1)
Players of the Game: Green Dragons- Noel Guarneros Silver Foxes- Keira Hayes

U10: Blue Falcons vs. Golden Hawks: Golden Hawks win 3-2 (Goals: Blue Falcons: Conner Ennis-2 Golden Hawks: Kadean Jenkins-2, Jackson Weghorst-1)
Players of the game: Blue Falcons- Conner Ennis, Golden Hawks- Kadean Jenkins, Jackson Weghorst
Raptors vs. Radioactive: Raptors win 3-1 (Goals: Raptors- Samantha Wyly-2, Shyenne Taylor-1, Radioactive: Jackson Price-1)
Players of the Game: Raptors- Samantha Wyly, Radioactive- Jackson Price

U14: KV Spartans vs. Eclipse: KV Spartans win 9-1 (Goals: KV Spartans: Skyler Devin-7, Colin Clark-2, Eclipse: Brooke Watson-1
Players of the Game: KV Spartans- Baden Mota, Eclipse-Molly Watson
Purple People Eaters vs. Hot Pink Ninja Kittys: Ninja Kittys win 5-1 (Goals: Purple People Eaters: Ajay Montgomery-1, Ninja Kittys: Max Armes-1, Elli Jeans-1, Lonnie Sartor-1, Kayley Sietsma-2)
Players of the Game: Purple People Eaters- Ajay Montgomery, Ninja Kittys- Aspen Hacker

• September 5-9 (Week 2 Results)
Tuesday Game (9/5/17)
U10: Golden Hawks vs. Bombers: Bombers win 6-2 (Goals: Golden Hawks- Kadean Jenkins-1, Jackson Weghorst-1, Bombers: Aeden Quezada-6)
Players of the Game: Golden Hawks- Bradley Alderete, Bombers: Aeden Quezada

Wednesday Game (9/6/17)
U14: Poison Arrows vs. Hot Pink Ninja Kittys: Ninja Kittys win 2-1 (Goals: Poison Arrows- Cristian Martinez, Ninja Kittys- Elli Jeans-1, Michael Hake-1)
Players of the Game: Poison Arrows- Duke DelGaudio Ninja Kittys- Aspen Hacker

Saturday Games (9/9/17)
U8: Fireballs vs. Mighty Minions: Fireballs win 9-1 (Goals: Fireballs: Gabriel Ross-5, Ryder Pappas-1, Noah Ross-3, Mighty Minions: David Swan-1)
Players of the Game: Fireballs- Gabriel Ross, Mighty Minions- Enoch Splawn
Silver Foxes vs. Tigers: Silver Foxes win 3-1 (Goals: Silver Foxes- Eli LaFrance-2, Raeghan Thompson-1, Tigers- Wyatt Wilkins-1)
Players of the Game: Silver Foxes- Eli LaFrance, Tigers-Riley Wilkins
Green Dragons vs. Jedi: Jedi win 3-2 (Goals: Green Dragons- Rustle Goulding-1, Kenadie Young-1 Jedi- Dario Jones-1, Siovan Swartley-2)
Players of the game: Green Dragons- Kenadie Young, Jedi- BettyJane Coughlin

U10: Bombers vs. Raptors: Bombers win 3-0 (Goals Bombers- Aeden Quezada-3)
Players of the Game: Bombers- Scarlett Buel, Raptors- Gabriella Carvajal
Radioactive vs. Blue Falcons: Radioactive wins 3-1 (Goals: Jackson Price-1, Tearah Moore-1, Ewan Shea-1, Blue Falcons: Payton Forbes-1)
Players of the game: Bombers- Riley Lomax, Blue Falcons- Payton Forbes

U14: Eclipse vs. Poison Arrows: Poison Arrows win 6-3 (Goals: Eclipse- Brooke Watson-2, Dylan Holguin-1, Poison Arrows- Cristian Martinez-3, Robert Carr-3)
Players of the Game: Eclipse- Brooke Watson, Poison Arrows- Cristian Martinez
Purple People Eaters vs. KV Spartans: KV Spartans win 6-1 (Goals: Purple People Eaters- Ajay Montgomery-1, KV Spartans: Skyler Devin-3, Colin Clark-2, Briley Cushman-1)
Players of the Game: Purple People Eaters- Caleb Campbell, KV Spartans- Briley Cushman)

Also, our U19 Girls began their league play this past weekend (9/9/17) . They play their games down in Bakersfield against teams from other regions in Kern County. Our girls won their game 3-1. According to Coach Dennis Monahan, the girls maintained strong possession for three-fourths of the game and had excellent, timely passing. Danielle Debski made 2 goals and Ali Hansen made the third.