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Fishing with Noble: Time to Take Inventory

By Noble Smith / December 6, 2017

Fishing with Noble / Noble Smith Even though I fish year round, this time of year is special. With Santa Claus coming to town, I need to make a list of all the fishing equipment I need. I do not get many gifts, so I need to make sure the gifts I receive are related […]


Fishing with Noble: It Depends on Who You Ask

By Noble Smith / November 8, 2017

By Noble Smith The most common question I am asked at the sporting goods store is, “What are the fish biting on?” Since we are located near the upper Kern River, this question is in reference to Rainbow Trout. I question all the successful fishermen I can. I have come up with a list of […]


Fishing with Noble: Some Things More Important Than Fishing

By Noble Smith / October 24, 2017

Missed our club tournament on Oct. 7. A co-worker and good friend, Dawn Walker, needed the day off to attend a celebration of life. The life was that of Jack Beaton, a true hero. Shielding his wife from gunfire to save her life. A man’s man, in my eyes. Fishing pressure has been light in […]


Fishing with Noble Smith: October, My Favorite Month to Fish

By Noble Smith / October 3, 2017

Fishing with Noble Smith When Fall rolls in, a lot of fishermen put their rods away. It’s time to get the rifles ready for hunting season. Great time to break out the dirt bikes and quads. We also have to cut wood for our stoves this winter. I think Fall fishing is one of the […]


Fishing with Noble: Schooled on Lake Isabella

By Noble Smith / September 19, 2017

By Noble Smith / Fishing with Noble Smith After 10 days of work, it was time to fish a tournament. Lake Isabella Bass Club held its tournament on September 9. I spent Friday evening prepping my four rods with the best baits possible for this time of year. I was confident my partner, Roy King, […]


Field Day on the Kern

By Noble Smith / September 6, 2017

It has been tough lately to get on the water. Working a lot of hours definitely cuts into fishing time. To make things even worse, my boat is under repair, installing a new trolling motor. This last week, I had a window of opportunity. After a six-day work week, I had a day off. I […]