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Bodywisdom: Quieting Mind & Body

By Nancy Ivey / December 6, 2017

Bodywisdom / Nancy Ivey Since it is nearly the end of the semester at CSUB, student journalists approached me between yoga classes recently asking how yoga helps students de-stress during finals week. Similar to finals week, the holiday season can be overwhelming. Here are some ways yoga helps you de-stress during the festivities ahead. Buddhist […]


Bodywisdom: Harmonic Convergence

By Nancy Ivey / October 31, 2017

Bodywisdom / Nancy Ivey While studying trauma last year, I discovered the importance of “attuning” or getting “in sync” with people, particularly children. In his online trauma course, psychiatrist Bessel Van Der Kolk introduced beneficial therapeutic responses like “attunement” which means “acting in a responsive way;” and, “in sync,” referring to “a state where two […]


Bodywisdom: The Neurobiology of Behavior

By Nancy Ivey / October 3, 2017

Bodywisdom / Nancy Ivey While perusing Amazon’s online store recently, Stanford neurologist Robert Sapolsky’s new book flashed on the screen. With its alluring title “Behave, The Biology of Humans at our Best and Worst” and accompanied by a picture of Sapolsky, whose wild hair and beard inspire affinity, I clicked on the link and spent the […]


Bodywisdom: Transformative Theatricum Botanicum

By Nancy Ivey / September 6, 2017

Accompanied by family and friends, I recently visited Topanga’s Theatricum Botanicum to see Merchant of Venice, a Shakespearean play about a Jewish moneylender who loans a Venetian merchant a large sum of money for which the “interest” is “a pound of flesh.” We read the play together beforehand hoping to understand the gist of the […]