Assembly candidate visits KRV Chamber

By Ashley Loza
Kern Valley Sun

Mayor Warren Gubler of the City of Visalia is throwing his hat into the ring for the 26th District Assembly position against current Assemblyman Devon Mathis. On Wednesday, November 9, Gubler made the trek to the Kern River Valley to visit the KRV Chamber of Commerce’s general meeting and talk about his experience, concerns and stances.

Having been born in Exeter and growing up in Porterville, Gubler is a District 26 native. He was elected to the Visalia City Council in 2009, was the city’s vice-mayor from 2013 to 2016, and afterward became the mayor of Visalia. He also has experience as an attorney and started as an associate with Hurlbutt, Clevenger, Long & Vortmann in 1983.

Gubler says he has four main topics he wants to focus on: water, jobs, public safety and effective representation, the last of which he says is the most important to him.

“If I fail to represent my constituents, I have failed as a leader,” said Gubler.

He pointed to his experience with the City of Visalia as proof of his focus on these four topics.

Gubler said he led the effort to upgrade Visalia’s Water Conservation Plant, which uses recycled water to irrigate all of the city’s parks, golf courses and orchards. He also maintains focus on his homeless population, for which he created an intervention program to help with employment.

In terms of public safety, Gubler expanded the city’s police and fire departments and was instrumental in the construction of a multi-million dollar emergency communication center to accommodate Visalia’s growing population. He says that according to statistics, Visalia is one of the safest communities in the San Joaquin Valley as a result.

Much of his concern about the current leadership of the 26th assembly district involves Mathis’ lack of political experience and inconsistent approach to voting in accordance with the wants and needs of his constituents. Gubler points to Mathis’ recent vote in favor of the State’s cap-and-trade program as an example.

“Right now, your voices are being drowned out by Sacramento’s politics,” said Gubler.

Gubler emphasized that he wanted to make himself accessible and assure small communities like the Kern River Valley would see him more often than simply at election time.

“I will listen, and I will act,” said Gubler. “That’s what you deserve.”

For more information about Gubler and his campaign to be elected to the State Assembly, visit

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