American Made Walk-off Homer gives them a Victory

By Ray Conner
Sports Editor

In the co-ed softball league, a pair of walk-off wins highlighted the weeks’ action.

The most dramatic of the two walk-offs was the two-run dinger that gave the American Made squad a victory over the Wild Bunch.

The teams battled back and forth all game. After six innings the score was 17-16 for the American Made team. The Wild Bunch rallied for a pair of runs in the top of the seventh to give them the lead. American Made trailing by a run came up for their at-bats in the bottom of the seventh. The leadoff batter was issued a free pass. On the very first pitch that was offered to the next batter, he would drive the ball out of the park and give his team the win. Michael Hevia delivered the walk-off to give American Made the 19-18 win over the Wild Bunch.

Hevia led the way for the American Made team with four hits, including the home run. He would collect four RBIs in the game. Adam Mercier had a pair of hits with a home run and had three RBIs. Adam Verreras had a pair of doubles, while Derek Ross had two hits, including a double. Ross would drive in a pair of runs. Marci South Refuerzo had two hits and two RBIs, while Amanda Stevenson, Anthony Davis, and Amanda Gregg each had two hits and one RBI. Adrian Murillo had two hits, while Katrina and Reyna Moto Garza each had one hit.

For the Wild Bunch, Steve Luker was the top hitter with three hits. All of his hits were doubles. He also had a pair of RBIs. Helen Hayes had three hits, including a double and three RBIs, while Gary Clayton had three hits and one RBI. Ian New-field collected two hits, including a double and knocked in a pair of runs. Annalise Beckham and Kelsey Brewer each had two hits and two RBIs, while Jason Niederriter had two hits and one RBI. Kevin Kline’s only hit was a double that plated two runs. Amanda Abbott had one hit and two RBIs, while Shelly Hayes, Matt Farnum, and Lori Jordan had one hit apiece.

The second walk-off of the week came in the Little Rusty versus the Punishers. While the drama was not the same as the first game, it still resulted in a walk-off win.

The Punishers jumped out quickly, but Little Rusty rallied back in the later innings. The Punishers scored all of the 13 runs in the first three innings. Little Rusty tied the game at 13-13 at the bottom of the fifth. It stayed that way until the seventh. In the top half of the seventh, the Punishers were able to get two runners on base. They were unable to advance either runner.

The Little Rusty squad came to bat in their half of the seventh. The leadoff batter reached on an error and when the next batter sent the ball past the first baseman for another error Davin Lee came all the way around to score the winning run for Little Rusty.
Little Rusty hits Alex Swiggin 3 (2-2B), Jordan Oetting 3, Brandon Muncy 3, George Mcgookin 3, Davin Lee 2 (3B), Madison Mariano 2, Damion Lee 2. RBIs-Davin Lee 3, Muncy 2, Damion Lee 2, J. Oetting 1, Mcgookin 1, Mariano 1.

Punisher’s hits: Dillon 3 (HR, 2B), Garrett 3, Brett 1 (2B), James 1, Laura 1, Nick 1, Kendra 1, Jarrett 1. RBIs-Dillon 2, James 2, Brett 2, Alyson 2, Garrett 1, Nick 1, Kendra 1, Jarrett 1.
In other action:
Wild Bunch 22
Punishers 7

Wild Bunch hits Kline 4 (2B), Newfield 3 (2-HR), Clayton 3 (2B), S. Hayes 3, S. Luker 2 (2B), Beckham 2, Abbott 2, Jason Luker 2, Austin Griffin 1 (3B), Jordan 1, Latisha Quinn 1. RBIs-Newfield 4, Kline 4, J. Luker 2, Clayton 1, Beckham 1, Abbott 1, S. Hayes 1, Jordan 1, Quinn 1.
Punisher’s hits: Dillon 3 (HR, 2-2B), Tamra 2, James 1, Brett 1, Veronica 1, Alyson 1. RBIs-Dillon 2, James 1, Brett 1.
Freedom 10
American Made 5

Freedom hits: Devin 3 (2B), David Harris 2 (2-HR), Corcoran 2 (2-2B), B. Harris 1, Kassity Plante 1, Alden Ross 1, Padgett 1, Zach 1, Devon 1, Aryan Meyers 1, H. Ross 1. RBIs-David Harris 4, Padgett 2, Corcoran 1, Devon 1, Meyers 1, H. Ross 1.

American Made hits: Eric Barton 2, Hevia 2, Murillo 2, Mercier 2, D. Ross 2, Stevenson 1, Katrina 1. RBIs-Murillo 2, Bar-ton 1, Katrina 1.
Hot Shots 18

Hot Shots hits: Chad 3 (2-2B), Brad 3 (2B), Ronnie 3 (2B), Shane 2 (2-HR), Aaron 2 (HR, 2B), Teri 2, Blake 1 (2B), Allison 1. RBIs-Brad 4, Shane 4, Ronnie 2, Chad 2, Aaron 2, Cheyanne 1.
KVHD hits: Savannah Bonham 3, Adam Perfect 2, Amy Smith 2, Alan Ridgway 1, Bob Easterday 1, Lisa Wyly 1, Lamont Mason 1. RBIs-Perfect 1.
Freedom 16
Sons of Pitches 6

Freedom hits: Stephen Corcoran 3 (HR, 2B), Megan Dusin 2 (2B), Heather Ross 2, Amber Ross 2, Beau Devin 2, Alden Ross 1, Kyler Robinson 1, Lawrence Frenes 1, Adam Peters 1, Donna Harris 1. RBIs-Corcoran 3, Devin 2, Dusing 2, Amber Ross 2, Peters 2, Alden Ross 1, H. Ross 1.
SOP hits: Alec Goulet 3 (2-HR, 3B), Ray Diaz Jr. 2 (2-2B), Nikolaus Woods 2, Shayana Elliott 2. RBIs-Goulet 4, Diaz Jr. 1, Corbin Maricich 1.
Wild Bunch 26

Wild Bunch hits: Kline 4 (3B, 2-2B), Niederriter 3 (2-HR), Farnum 3 (HR), Newfield 3 (2B), Brewer 2 (HR), S. Luker 2 (3B), Beckham 2, Abbott 2, S. Hayes 1, Jordan 1. RBIs-Farnum 5, Niederriter 3, Kline 2, Beckham 2, Newfield 2, S. Luker 2, Brewer 2, Abbott 1, S, Hayes 1.

KVHD hits: Brian Allen 3 (2-HR 2B), Perfect 3 (2B), Thomas Crock 1 (2B), Tom Webb 1, Smoth 1, Easterday 1, Cheryl Williams 1. RBIs-Allen 7, Webb 1, Smith 1.
Hot Shots 10
Freedom 5

Hot Shots hits; Shane 2 (HR), Wayne 2 (HR), Mikel 2, Ronnie 2, Brrienna 2, James 2. RBIs-Shane 3, James 2, Wayne 1, Brienna 1.
Freedom hits: David Harris 3, Corcoran 1 (HR), Alden Ross 1 (HR), Kassity Plante 1, Bobbie Harris 1, Dusing 1, Charlotte Padgett 1, Jeremy Devon 1. RBIs-Corcoan 1, Alden Ross 1, Padgett 1.

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