Alleged thief doesn’t want his shoes stolen

While working with another deputy as a two-man unit, we got a call of a purse-snatching at a nearby market.

When we got there, we talked to the victim and a witness. The victim was able to tell us how much cash and what denominations were in her wallet. The witness described the getaway car with a license number. We gave the dispatcher the license information and she gave us a registered owner with an address.

We went to the address and the suspect vehicle was parked in a patio, by the back door. The hood of the car was still warm. My partner went to the front door to contact the owner, while I stayed by the back door.

Right after my partner knocked on the d

oor, a young man came out of the back door. I was getting ready to chase him; but to my surprise, he didn’t run. Instead he just acted like everything was normal. I told him to come around to the front of the house to talk with my partner and me. When we got to the front, my partner gave me a signal to handcuff him.

The owner of the car was the guy’s sister, and she said that he had been out driving her car. I hooked him up, searched him for weapons and put him in the car. Before I shut the car door, he asked me if he could leave his shoes with his sister because he didn’t want them to get lost in the jail. I said he could, so he held his feet up for me to pull off his shoes. 

I thought it was an odd request, so I looked inside the shoes. Tucked in the toe of one shoe was some cash. It just happened to be the exact amount and in the exact denominations the victim had reported. I’m pretty sure this guy took a plea bargain instead of going to trial. -RI

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