Adding Insult to Injury

When I was a city police officer, I was dispatched to a house to make a “Welfare Check”. When I arrived, I located a man who hung himself in the garage.

He committed the act while his wife was at work and the children were at school. We were able to contact his wife, and we had to tell her the tragic news when she got home.

The wife related he was an unemployed aerospace worker, who had been out of work for nearly a year. She told us that he had been very depressed about it, and she worried about him, but she had no idea that he would ever commit suicide.

As the wife entered the house, I noticed she was holding her mail. As she put the mail down, she noticed a letter from his last aerospace employer, so she opened it. She almost went into shock as she sat motionlessly. I took the letter from her and read it.

It started out with “Congratulations, we are pleased to inform you that we are now able to offer you your job back.” We both must’ve looked like we were in shock after reading that letter.