A unique writer in town

Mark McGuire
Special to the Sun

Photo submitted by Mark McGuire:
Ralph Hermansen and his wife, Janet.

Ralph Hermansen was fascinated with evolutionary science before retiring and was able to explore it thoroughly after retiring here.

His first book is Becoming: Our Origins, Our Evolution, and Our Emergence as an Intelligent Species, published in 2017 with Createspace Publications. This book’s discussion begins 13.8 billion years ago with the Big Bang and the creation of the universe. It then focuses on the early Earth and the emergence of life forms on it.

Hermansen’s second book is Down from the Trees: Man’s Amazing Transition from Tree-Dwelling Ape Ancestors. It was published by Apple Academic Press in 2018. DNA evidence plays a major role in revealing our distant past, so the science of DNA is carefully explained.

Hermansen retired from Hughes Aircraft Company in 1998, where he served the corporation as a Senior Scientist. His specialty was designing custom-developed materials such as plastics and synthetic rubbers. He was awarded 21 patents in the process of developing these unique materials.

Other books by Hermansen are Formulating Plastics and Elastomers by Computer, published in 1991, and Polymeric Thermosetting Compounds: Innovative Aspects of their Formulation Technology, published in 2016.

Hermansen, at age 81, is busy writing his fifth book, Things We Learn, If We live Long Enough. He describes the book as part autobiography and part self-help. Ralph seems to see the world differently; here he gives his views on rational thinking, the wisdom of investing in yourself, the stages of life, sex and romance, belief systems, prejudice, and politics.

His books can be found on Amazon.com: https://amzn.to/2QcYfPv.