A Night Under the Stars: KVHS Prom 2019

Photo by submitted by Melissa Cudahy – KVHS Senior Dean Nesta (right) and junior Emily Cudahy (left) take their prom photos in the superbloom.


Photo by submitted by Tisha Carr Acosta – Pictured left to right, Junior Brenna Acosta and seniors J.J. Forbes, Jorge Luis-Lopez, Kassy Opferman, Tanner Tito and Arika D’Amico strike a pose on Cannell Trail.


Photo by submitted by Amie Lyons Preston – A group of KVHS students take photos at sunset shortly before prom.


Photo by submitted by Donna Harris – Junior Lucas Harris kisses his sweetheart, junior Bailey Hurt, on the cheek at Riverside Park.


Photo by submitted by Trenton Jones – Seniors Nick Thomas (left) and Kiah Hunter (right) are all smiles before their last prom.


Photo by submitted by Shelly Hayes – Junior Jamie Sundberg (left) and senior Helen Hayes (right) snap a photo together at Ewing’s on the Kern, the location for this year’s prom.