A Message from Pistol Packin‘ Patty

Photo Courtsey Facebook – Whiskey Flat Mayors’ Race candidate Pistol Packin’ Patty poses with Skeeter, her mule, as Cheryl’s Dinner in Kernville as she travels the valley looking to sell bribes.

Howdy, folks!

It’s me, Pistol Packin’ Patty, with news from the Whiskey Flat Mayors’ Race… I know yer just dyin’ to hear from me, so I’ll give you, my public, a short report on my campaign so far. Now… this last week was a whirlwind. Me and Skeeter, my trusty mule, took a ride from one end of this valley to another. We were just a huffin’ and puffin’. Next time, I’m gonna ride him, as that mule about broke my back…he’s heavy! Well, I saw a sign that said ‘bar’…we ride up and I hitched ol’ Skeeter up only to find out they had a fancy eating establishment for them round dough pies they called ‘pizza’! Well…I had a good night in there sellin’ up bribes and traffelin’ off my beer, wine, and Scentsy basket, which will be drawn on Whiskey Flat weekend. Tickets are still available. Come and see me and my sidekicks up at Cheryl’s Diner in Kernville for their 34th anniversary party and fish fry. We’ll have karaoke and raffles, 50/50 drawings too! Friday the 18th at 5 p.m. Join me and the Mt. Mesa Men’s Club at the Eagles Lodge in Mt. Mesa on Saturday January 19 at 5 p.m., cards fly at 6 p.m., for poker and dinner. I want to thank you all for your support, and thank you to the Pizza Barn and Nelda’s Diner for lettin’ me take over your dining rooms for my events this past weekend. ‘Ode to Twoilette’ is now available for purchase. #1 Beauty Secret to Cover the Smell of #2, $5 bucks a bottle and, boy, doesn’t it do the TRICK. I hear Rescue Ranger Robbie is doin’ better and hot on my trail…Good luck to him and God Bless!

-Pistol Packin’ Patty