A Memory that Still Burns the Valley

Photo by Sarah Rooffener / Kern Valley Sun

By Julie Giyer
Kern Valley Sun

June 23, marks the anniversary of a great tragedy that ignited throughout the valley, the Erskine Creek Fire. The 45,388-acre fire swept through destroying homes and lives on June 23, 2016.

The fire started at 3:30 p.m. and continued to blaze for five days. Over 2,079 firefighter’s and personnel fought to put the flames out. Residents were evacuated as soon as the fire began and waited, scared and confused, to whether they would have a home to go back to.

By the time the fire was contained, many had lost their homes. Sadness swept through the valley as residents wondered how to pick their lives back up and start over. The community really came together and stood strong during this time of peril, as they always do.

There are many scars left on the valley still to this day. Remnants of burnt trees and land, and the pain left in many hearts.

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