George Donoho

The family of
George M. Donoho

…wish to thank the residents of the Kern River Valley for 50 years of support, friendship and neighborly care. George lived a wonderful 90 years. You just can’t ask for more.

The service was overflowing with family and community coming together to share a remembrance of George with his wife of 64 years and his family.
A special thank you must go out to the following persons, families and businesses for their love and support in assisting with the funeral and reception (in chronological order of their participation).

•Joel and Joy Donoho-Two years ago, Joel left his own home to provide round the clock care for his father. This was a hardship on both he and his wife, Joy, but they endured it with grace and love. They provided a level of care and comfort that most families will never know. Your family thanks you.

•The Donoho and Jones’ families. We all know people who have to endure the passing of loved ones alone. We were not that family. Donoho and Jones family members surrounded George with love and care. Never underestimate the power of family to heal and comfort.

•Many people visited George over the last months of his life. One that was particularly special was Jim Chico, who gave us a special gift on the day George passed. It was lovingly personal and private. Thank you Chico.

•To every hand that touched George’s casket as it was lovingly hand-crafted by family. We debated taking on this task but felt it honored George. What we learned was that perfection was not nearly as important as fathers, sons, uncles and cousins working together to make something personal and honorable for a man we all loved.

•To Doug and Marilyn Sammons, our neighbors. They lovingly prepared food for the family for an entire week following the passing of George. It is often the smallest gestures that make the biggest difference. Thank you both.

•Sierra Gateway Stores- Owner Mark Preston offered to donate food for the reception. When he was told he did not need to, he simply said that he was just giving back for the support we have offered his family business for 50 years. For Mark to recognize and support us in this moment was gracious and welcome. Thank you Mark. We would also like to thank Roberta Piazza of the Pine Cone Inn and the Petal Pusher Florist for their generosity and support.

•First Baptist Church, Lake Isabella- The Donoho family have been members of this Church body for over 40 years. Their generous hosting of the service and reception was appreciated. The words of Pastor Jaime were a comfort.

•To Kaedn Strong, George’s granddaughter, for her lovely cello recital as guests entered the Church, and for Darrow Elconin and Calvin Taylor; two vastly different voices that filled the church with song. This music honored George and our family. Thank you for lending your music to the day.

•To the many people and hands that contributed to the video and sound, reception, meal and clean up. A 300-person event in the midst of a family tragedy requires many good friends. Too many to list individually, but all appreciated. Thank you all.

A special thanks to those who helped us with services after George’s passing:

Randy and Laurie Kyte/ Kernville Cemetery • Optimal Hospice • Greenlawn Mortuary
All treated George with compassion and care, helping us through a very difficult transition.

Love on your parents while they are here.

Visit the grieving! Enter humbly, exit gracefully. Don’t overstay your welcome or treat it like an obligation.

Community is people coming together, not regretting you did not get to know someone.

The Donoho’s