2017 Christmas Lighting Contest

1st Place: Nick Perry - Edna Ave., Lake Isabella

The winner of the Kern Valley Sun’s 2017 Christmas Lighting Contest is Nick Perry of Edna St. in Lake Isabella! Second place was taken by Ralph and Bonita Kinkade of Sirretta St. in Kernville, and third place went to Cody Reynolds of Kilbreth St. in Bodfish. Thank you to everyone who entered this year’s contest, and we hope to see more gorgeous light displays next year! 

Photos by Shannon Rapose / Kern Valley Sun

2nd Place: Ralph & Bonita Kinkade - Sirretta St., Kernville

3rd Place: Cody Reynolds - Kilbreth Dr., Bodfish


Taylor Goins - Erskine Creek Rd., Lake Isabella

Ron Fox - Shawnee Dr., Weldon

Wayne Trusty - Jerico Ave., Lake Isabella

Francine McMillen - Bodfish Canyon Rd., Bodfish